Guillermo & Terry Adame

Guillermo & Terry Adame

Evangelist & Women's Ministry Leader

Guillermo & Terry Adame serve as the lead ministry couple for the San Diego Church of Christ where Guillermo also serves as an elder.  They were married in 1987 and have three adult children.

Guillermo, a native San Diegan, became a Christian in 1980 while earning his degree in Economics from Harvard University.  Terry became a Christian during her senior year of High School in 1983.  She then attended the University of Massachusetts, Boston but left college to join Guillermo on the mission field.

In 1986 they left Boston to serve as missionaries in India. During their 6 years on the mission field, they served in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.  During that time, Guillermo also completed his Masters’ Degree in Economics from the University of Mumbai.

In 1993 they moved to San Diego, where they have resided since.